No contribution is too small to make a difference and all donations are appreciated and treasured. (include “what your money buys” in this section)

(include a place where they can put the amount then click on either monthly, annually and for how many years)

(Include a section for In Memory of, In Tribute of, In Honor of with a place to write a name in and a way to send the honored person an email telling them about the donation made in their name or a loved one if they have passed.)


$10 buy one book for a teacher to read to eager children
$20 buys CPR & 1st Aid training for one volunteer or teacher to ensure a safe environment.
$50 buys one dramatic play set for a classroom to mimic adult play such as cooking!
$75 buys 5 puzzles and instruments to create a musical parade in a toddler classroom.
$100 buys one set of mutli-cultural dolls of all colors to match our kids skin tones for a classroom.
$200 buys one wooden block set for our future architects and engineers in one classroom.
$300 buys educational science materials for the next Einstein for one preschool classroom.
$400 buys four art easels for our next Michaelangelo for two classrooms.
$500 buys Child Abuse prevention class for 25 teachers and volunteers to keep kids safe and families strong.
$600 buys nap mats to ensure tired toddlers get their much needed rest for 24 children.
$700 buys one lunch/art table with chair set to feed hungry preschoolers for a classroom.
$800 buys curriculum to ensure kids arrive in kindergarten prepared, eager and confident for two classrooms.
$900 buys train a trainer who can provide Love and Logic training to an infinite number of challenged parents.