From Lori’s Laptop, September 2015

A letter from Executive Director, Lori Fascilla

We are learning about perseverance and patience as we approach the opening of our 4th Giraffe Laugh center. Yet it is with complete gratitude that I write this message today. We have kids, we have teachers, we have parents but we don’t have an open building. There are always set-backs with projects like this and I’m so proud of our staff and parents who are working hard to ensure everyone has care that needs it. We have two classrooms located at other centers at the present time with their future teachers.

We have recently had a lot of conversations around educational justice and providing access to quality early education programs for all children. I like that phrase and feel it describes so well what we do and what we are working toward every day. Our site directors and teachers understand this and see it first hand and are integral to our success in that area. The dedication of our staff is incredible and always gives me reason to pause and admire their strength and commitment. We are so fortunate to have a group of women and men who believe in our mission of ensuring school readiness, empowering families and building strong futures for families in Idaho.

So while we are frustrated we didn’t meet a goal, I will always be grateful that I’m able to watch this group of people, my Giraffe Laugh family, in action, changing lives with the work they do each day with a passion like no other. Welcome to all our new families into the fold and loving arms of a Giraffe Laugh teacher.

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