Giraffe Laugh Programs

Giraffe Laugh provides high quality education for children 6 weeks through the third grade.

We envision educational justice where every child has an enriched environment to thrive.

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Giraffe Laugh strengthens families through quality care and education of young kids and their families. Giraffe Laugh is a 5 out of 5 star program improving the lives of people through the following:

  • Quality early care and education for children from six weeks through the third grade. Three full year centers and one center located at the Marian Pritchett High School campus for pregnant and parenting teens through the school year.
  • Scholarships are available to income eligible families and Idaho Child Care Program Subsidies are accepted.
  • A healthy breakfast, lunch and snack are served daily through a partnership with Nutrition Works.
  • On-site food pantries are located at each center to stave off hunger and provide much needed nutrition to children and their parents.
  • Parenting Classes are provided through partnerships and from a Strengthening Families approach and parent/teacher conferences.
  • Extracurricular activities are provided for all children even when their parents cannot pay the fee for the classes. Activities vary by site and may include ballet through Ballet Idaho, swim lessons, gymnastics and more.
  • Field trips are available for children to explore the world outside Giraffe Laugh walls. Parents are encouraged to join in when possible and family activities are scheduled.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available for parents to contribute in meaningful ways. Giraffe Laugh asks that parents volunteer 20 hours per year.
  • Educated, experienced staff and management.
  • Giraffe Laugh teachers have all been trained in the Strengthening Families Model to help prevent child abuse, recognize child abuse and work with parents to improve family situations.
  • We welcome children of all abilities, races, incomes, languages and of any makeup.
Three-quarters of America’s schoolchildren are not participating in summer learning programs and in Idaho only 8 percent of school-age children attend an after-school or summer enrichment program. Despite a growing awareness that summer learning loss is a major contributor to the achievement gap between low-income and high-income youth, the number and percentage of children participating in summer enrichment programs is startlingly low.

Giraffe Laugh turns the summer loss into a summer gain for school-age children between the ages of 6 weeks to 6 years (or after first round of immunizations) through a rich learning environment that is a full day, full week, all summer long camp. We provide enriched activities and learning opportunities that encourage reading, science exploration, field trips, swim lessons, social and emotional wellbeing and summertime fun!

This program begins the day school is out according to the Boise School District calendar and ends on the final day before school begins.

To sign up please email Summer School Age Program Director, Brandi Plunkett at

The weekly cost is $140 per week and includes breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and all field trips. Swim lessons and some extracurricular activities are extra.

Summer Program Themed Weeks:

Week 1, Welcome: Friendship, Read-a-thon begins with a trip to the library.

Week 2, Botanical: Plant the garden & visit the Idaho Botanical Gardens

Week 3, Ocean: Visit the Idaho Aquarium,  learn how to roll sushi & make fish prints!

Week 4, Transportation: Ride the city bus, visit the Idaho Military History Museum & ride bikes

Week 5, History: Visit the Idaho Military History Museum & Julia Davis Park.

Week 6, Zoology: Visit the Boise Zoo and Idaho Birds of Prey

Week 7, Health & Fitness: Bowling, swimming and a visit to Jump Time! We will learn about nutrition & healthy living this week.

Week 8, Creative Arts: Dance, music & art activities to stimulate the creative inner artist in us all.

Week 9, Drama: Charades, playwriting and performances. Mark your calendars for a performance at the end of Drama Week!

Week 10, Astronomy: A visit to the Planetarium & travel into space!

Week 11, Math & Science: Visit the Discovery Center, measuring, estimating & scientific thinking this week.

Week 12, Outdoor: End of Read-a-thon; add up books. Outdoor Week!

To sign up please contact our Summer School Age Program Director

Giraffe Laugh partners with the Salvation Army to provide care for the infants and toddlers of mothers and fathers attending Marian Pritchett High School in Boise’s North End neighborhood.

This location is closed to the public for childcare however, anyone with a volunteer license and First Aid and CPR certification can join us in the rocking grandparents program and in other ways needed.

Proper nutrition is the foundation of all growth and development. Giraffe Laugh makes it a priority to ensure that children and families are fed and that food insecurity is diminished by regular access to quality, abundant food.

Food pantries are located at each site where parents and children are so they can help themselves to food when needed. All centers have freezers and refrigerators for protein sources and dairy products that would otherwise perish. Families can access them anytime during hours of operation.

Giraffe Laugh partners with the Idaho Foodbank and area gardens including our own on-site gardens to provide food. Donations are also accepted.

We ask donors to consider providing items such as diapers, feminine products, paper towels, shampoo, toilet paper, ziploc bags, napkins and other disposable items that cannot be bought with food stamps.

Parent Education and Parent Teacher Conferences

At Giraffe Laugh we offer an environment of support and empowerment to all families by offering supportive services to families such as, free parent education classes, a free parenting library, daily reports from teachers and parent teacher conferences.

Parent education classes are beneficial to all parents whether they are 14 or 40 when they have their children.

Parent teacher conferences are offered annually in November but can be requested at any time throughout the year.