Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween

Three distinct things happen in autumn that make me love October. One, the weather cools and while I
don’t like the shorter days, I do like the crisp mornings that require sweaters and fires in the hearth. The
second sure sign of autumn is the changing of the leaves from a bright green to a burnished orange or
red. When the trees are on fire with color my camera never stops clicking to capture the beauty and
power of nature. The last thing is Halloween. I love to hear little ones planning what they will “be” and
hearing adults get excited about haunted houses and forests, along with the smell of pumpkins being
carved to scare the spirits away. If you’re surprised I didn’t say Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s then it might
surprise you to know I’ve never had one, so I may not know what I’m missing.

I just celebrated my 30th year with Giraffe Laugh and fondly recall many falls and many a parade around
Hyde Park, the neighboring areas near our Grand Ave location and State Street location and the fun we
had with families and children trick or treating. Some of those little ones are now herding their own
broods in the parades at Giraffe Laugh on Halloween and the cycle of memories and fun continues.
Those days are some of my favorite moments and traditions. We may still be participating but this time
our masks will look a little different if we do. Each center has their own plan and most aren’t able to
trick or treat outside, so an internal party will likely take shape again this year.

That said, 30 years of watching children grow and their families too has been a pleasure I’ll never take
for granted. In these times of division and health scares, we continue to be challenged by a pandemic,
yet somehow keep delivering quality early care and education. If you’d like to learn more about what we
are doing and the impact of our work, please join us at our annual Futures Begin Here Luncheon. You’ll
see the impact of your gift(s) along with the impact of your investment in early childhood and the magic
that can happen when we all come together to ensure school readiness, empower families and build
strong futures. You can sign up here to join us virtually that day or another time with your watch party
friends any day after November 4th .

Happy autumn and happy Halloween everyone!

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Giraffe Laugh, a local nonprofit, provides early childhood education and nurturing to 200 Treasure Valley children daily, by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has three full time centers serving children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. In addition to the three full time centers, Giraffe Laugh has a half day preschool program (Giraffe Laugh Garden City Preschool) and a summer program that serves school age children.