Keeping Tummies Full and Hearts Filled With Love

February brings more winter weather and all of us closer to our Lovefest ski-a-thon event on March 4th. This event is being held to raise funds for our food pantries. You can only imagine the satisfaction a parent or teacher feels watching a hungry child gobble down healthy, abundant food that nourishes their minds, bodies, and souls. Or the joy we feel watching parents choose healthy food to take home to be served at their own tables. Its’ incredibly satisfying and something many of us take for granted.
Our food pantry usage since 2020 has gone up 200%. We now bring our food pantries outside to our neighbors and share what we receive from the Idaho Foodbank with those around us who are experiencing hunger and food shortages. It’s both satisfying and heartbreaking to know how many families simply don’t have enough. We’ve increased our visits to the food bank to twice and month as a result.
This event will allow us to ensure that everyone we touch will have the necessary nutrition that they need. If you’d like to be a part of ensuring this happens, you can bid on our auction, do peer-to-peer fundraising for the ski-a-thon, then join us on the hill, or simply donate food to Giraffe Laugh. Any and all items can be taken directly to the center or to the main office.
You can also volunteer to be a pick-up and drop-off person for the Idaho Foodbank trips. We could even go more often if we had more help. Please contact Katie Drum at if interested.
Thank you for helping us feed and nourish children in all the ways they need; academic, nurturing their social/emotional well-being, and nourishing their bodies. Food is always the best way to show love and we are grateful for yours.

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Giraffe Laugh, a local nonprofit, provides early childhood education and nurturing to 200 Treasure Valley children daily, by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has three full time centers serving children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. In addition to the three full time centers, Giraffe Laugh has a half day preschool program (Giraffe Laugh Garden City Preschool) and a summer program that serves school age children.