May 2022

One of the most important days of my life was when I first earned the title of mom. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and looked forward to having a family someday. When the honor was bestowed on me, I learned quickly how it was not the image I had in my head of running through a field of flowers, holding a little hand, snuggling in a big chair reading books, or simply having a delightful talk with my little one. The reality was that it was hard. It was messy, sometimes smelly, and took an inordinate amount of energy I didn’t know I was capable of, yet it was equally exciting and satisfying. Here is a longer story about becoming a mom here.

What I hope you know during the month we honor mothers is that we stand with you at Giraffe Laugh. Being a mother never ends, even when our children no longer need us and grow into adulthood. During Child Abuse Awareness Month, we hope parents can connect and gain strength through the early years when parenting is most difficult. We are fortunate to have supportive staff who are partners with parents every day enriching the lives of each family with the work they do to empower each family.  

May also brings Teacher Appreciation Week. So this is not only a Happy Mother’s Day wish, Child Abuse Awareness Month but also a shout-out to those who provide relief and care to parents who are working and/or going to school. Our teachers provide superior care for our families while educating children and providing a place where they can launch into the world successfully at the tender age of five. They are truly remarkable and treasured.

Have a lovely May, and may all of your dreams come true for you and yours as you celebrate the title of Mom, and if you are lucky, the title of teacher too. Happy Mother’s Day!

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