From Lori’s Laptop, August 2016

The dog days of summer are upon us and while we’re embroiled in the heat of summer, our minds shift to this month one year ago when we opened a new center for 75 children, Giraffe Laugh 4. It was a tense time as we didn’t open on time and the Giraffe Laugh 4 kids and teachers resided at Giraffe Laugh 2 for a few weeks until they could claim their own territory. I am always struck by the incredible teamwork of our teachers and how we truly feel like a family caring for each other.

That family feel came alive during the Annual Luau this year at Municipal Park. It was a time to celebrate the last year and all of our families joining in the summer traditions of old; such as three-legged races and potato sack races. What fun we have when we all act like kids!


We also celebrated the service of one of our treasured board members, Jules Joy. As we say here, once a board member, always a board member, but we kept up with the tradition of writing a special poem about her and this is a picture of her receiving it. Thank you, Jules!

jules and lori

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.
-Edna Buchannan

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