From Lori’s Laptop, November 2016

We normally think of November as the month when winter begins to descend upon us and growth isn’t really on our minds as it is in spring. However, our Futures Begin Here Luncheon is focused this year on growing with a theme of “here we grow”.

We see growth in our kids each day as their little bodies take in delicious food and they can now choose items previously out of reach. We see growth in their vocabulary as they expand a few words into sentences and learn to describe their project in scientific terms. We see growth in their knowledge and skills that will serve them well in kindergarten. We also see growth in the need for quality care as phone calls keep coming in and we know we need to grow our organization to meet the need.

What an amazing year we’ve had at Giraffe Laugh watching our kids, families and organization grow. So many of you are a part of our growth and success this year, therefore, we would love for you to join us at our luncheon on November 9th from 12-1pm to see the impact of your generous gift. Please RSVP no later than Friday, November 4th if you are able to join us.

We give thanks to you for your time, talent, and treasures that you bring to our Giraffe Laugh family. We wish you a very peaceful and loving Thanksgiving season with those you love the most. Happy Holidays!

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