Stories of Making a Difference


Big Hearts Make a Big Impact

Published April 2018


This past month has been full of kind actions and help from wonderful volunteers. A group of students from BSU with a goal to help in the community chose to help Giraffe Laugh and gave the students a wonderful activity to remember. Amber, Allison, Mike, and Logan, four students from Boise State University looking to advance their leadership skills and help in the community at the same time put together a project to help the families and children at Giraffe Laugh. They put on a food drive to gather much-needed items for the food pantries, helped at events in irreplaceable ways, cleaned up the leaves in one of our centers, and even braved the preschool classroom and taught the children about robotics and STEM learning. Without caring and thoughtful individuals such as these, Giraffe Laugh would not be the warm, welcoming, and spreading presence it is in the community today. Thank you four for your hard work!

My Feet Aren’t Cold Anymore

Published March 2018

“My mom called Giraffe Laugh when she found bruises on my arms. My shoes that my mom brought were never on and my feet were always cold at my old place. The lady who took care of me was always busy doing other things and never held me and my mom didn’t look happy when she picked me up. I was hungry a lot and so I was happy to see my mom when she got there. I cried when she left me and sometimes I would cry a lot, then they would put vinegar in my mouth to make me stop. I didn’t like going there but when I got my new teacher and my new school I was happy. I got to play with the other kids outside and eat a lot with my friends and if I cried somebody held me and tried to make me feel better. My mommy smiled more and hugged my teacher something and now she laughs a lot when she picks me up. I’m happy here because I wear my shoes now and my feet aren’t cold anymore.” – Anonymous Giraffe Laugh Child.

Empowering Children to Help Other Children

Published January 2018

In December, over fifty 5th graders from Washington and Grace Jordan Elementary volunteered at Giraffe Laugh on Grand Avenue. Their teachers, Maddie Johnson and Jessica Verdin, applied for a grant to help this project come to fruition. “Several of my students graduated from Giraffe Laugh and brought the idea to us,” says Maddie. “Our students are always eager to help others, and it was so much fun for everyone,” says Jessica. The students sang carols, read books, organized the center’s food pantry and made adorable ornaments with our preschoolers. The students also donated art supplies and canned goods and even pitched in to purchase a new iPAD and iHome for our center. Maddie and Jessica have done an awesome job mentoring their students to give back at such a young age. Thank you!

Futures Begin Here

Published December 2017

In November over 220 guests came together at the Riverside Hotel to support Giraffe Laugh children. During our annual Futures Begin Here event, Giraffe Laugh children shared their career goals. Some already achieved their career goals like Shelby, a Brown and Caldwell engineer, and Nicole, a yoga teacher. This year’s theme from Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” really struck a chord with the audience. Giraffe Laugh’s capacity to educate and nurture Boise children is because you care a whole awful lot!

Paulette Walker and her quilts

Cozy Kids

Published October 2017

Paulette Walker has been making beautiful quilts for over 40 years. For the past two years, she has made over 70 quilts for Giraffe Laugh children. “It just does my heart good to find new fabrics and use existing ones,” says Paulette. She adds a lot of detail with the most delicate stitches and considers every fabric color and sizes. Giraffe Laugh children love to snuggle up and take naps with her quilts. Paulette is even gracious enough to hand deliver them from her home in Duvall, WA to Giraffe Laugh offices. Thank you, Paulette, for your talent and generosity. You are making a difference in our children’s lives.

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