New Year And Another Chance To Get It Right

This time last year we were buried in over a foot of snow in Boise and struggling with whether or not to stay open due to weather conditions. It’s downright balmy right now, and the clear skies are hopefully a harbinger of good things to come for our kids and families in 2018.

In 2018 we look forward to graduating a new crop of kids who are ready and prepared for kindergarten. This means they will be more likely to be on a reading level by 3rd grade, making it more likely they will graduate from high school, go on to further education, own a home, have a steady job and healthy family. It all begins in those first five years, and we are always excited to be a part of this work.

We recently played the Brain Development Game with our staff, and it was incredible to have a visual of how impactful the first five years are on a child’s brain growth and future outcomes. I could talk for days about it but suffice it to say that our work is changing and uplifting lives that might otherwise be overlooked due to circumstances outside of their control.

Idaho is currently only sending half of our kids ready when they enter Kindergarten, and a recent study by the Idaho Business for Education says that Kindergarten reading levels are at an 11 year low.

We can and we must do better at promoting opportunities for our youth who will be the caretakers of our great state and who will lead us into the future. We can see the future from here! That future looks brighter and more successful when everyone has access to quality early learning programs.

– Lori Fascilla

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