Strengthening Families

As the days get longer and the flowers begin to bloom we are reminded that for some children the days are incredibly long and there isn’t the cheer of spring in their hearts. April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and while it’s difficult to imagine, there are over 1,600 cases of abuse reported in Idaho annually and that’s just what’s reported. It is everyone’s job to lift up those children and families.

This month we are offering the first in a series of four sessions called Parent Café. The Cafés are designed to provide meaningful conversations about what matters most – their family and how to strengthen that family by building protective factors. The goal is to learn more about the five Protective Factors that help prevent abuse and the conversations are for any parent with any age child.

We invite you to join us if you’re able. You may choose to attend one or all four if you wish. The engagement and social connections that are built through the Cafés are important to build on a family’s strength and the wisdom of parents with older children is invaluable. Alumni parents are just as welcome as parents with a one week old!

Let’s work together to change the face of abuse in Idaho by building up where children live. More information can be found here.

Happy Easter everyone!

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