The first thing that all families interested in enrolling will need to do is contact us via email or call our centers to inquire about openings and get on our waiting list.

Giraffe Laugh strongly believes in educational justice where every child regardless of income has access to quality early care and education. Tuition Scholarships are available to income-eligible families to ensure that all children have access to quality regardless of their family income. Paperwork to determine eligibility can be obtained from the site director where your child is enrolling and is done in person.

Forms & Resources

Parent Handbook

Waiting List FAQ

Booster Seat Waiver

Crying Baby Plan

Emergency Form for Field Trips

Help us know your baby

Help us know your toddler

Help us know your preschooler

Identification and Emergency Information

Media and Public Performance Release

Sunscreen Consent Form

Temperment assessment and scale

 If there is an opening the site director will schedule a tour with you, if there is not an opening available when you call we will certainly add you to our waiting list and when we anticipate an opening we will schedule a tour as close to 30 days in advance as possible.

 All children who attend Giraffe Laugh must be up to date on all current immunization schedules.