February 2021

In our world children are important. When we, at Giraffe Laugh, say, “We can see the future from here.” we truly mean it. Children are our future and they will be carrying us into a future someday that is unimaginable right now. I want the best for them and I know you do as well. 

Without parents, who are a child’s first teacher, and our incredible teachers at Giraffe Laugh, children don’t have what they need to thrive and strive to be all they can be in an ever challenging and changing world. Adults and children have a special bond that can be the difference between a solid, strong future and a less than ideal childhood. 

In the month of February we are honoring our teachers and educators who are at the forefront of ensuring that children are prepared for school and beyond. The dedication and hard work they put into their classrooms and “their” kids is incredible and admirable. They spend countless hours thinking about what is best for each child. Hours preparing for the next day, then hours making that day a reality. They plan, they research, they create, they are resourceful and they give of themselves wholly. 

When children cry, they take the time to sooth their fears, hurts or feelings. When children are happy and laughing, they share in their joy and give them snuggles and hugs. When children have a conflict they explain how to make it better and give them the words and skills they need to navigate the world. When children are frustrated and figuring something out, teachers take the time to help them problem solve their way to a solution, then watch as the awe strikes their features.

They do this (while being fully masked for almost a year now) being intimately involved with a child in a way that opens their hearts wide open, but also exposes them to germs and viruses, especially coronavirus. They do it because they love it yet there is always that underlying concern for their safety, the safety of the children, and their own families. 

Teachers are important, and valued and truly critical in a child’s life. Without them we can’t fulfill our mission. Without them we can’t deliver the service we provide to families in our community. Without them, we are lost as a society. So in February we honor our teachers.

Our newest event is called Lovefest whereby we are going to show our love to our teachers and ensure that we are able to attract new teachers, but also give our teachers their well-deserved raises this year. With a pandemic that has hit hard in our industry, meaning more work but less income, we are looking at a gap until things return to whatever normal means. We hope you’ll join us by honoring our teachers one of the many ways this event allows.

Lovefest: You can become a fundraiser and ski, board, snowshoe, tube or just raise funds for our amazing staff. If that’s not something you’re willing or able to do, you can BID on the many wonderful items that have been donated for our silent auction. Lastly, you can leave a note for our teachers on our event page. This will be shared with all of them and will likely be the most meaningful part of this event. 

I hope you can join us in loving our teachers as much as we and the children do. Thank you in advance for all you do to support our programs and if you’re a teacher, a special Covid-safe hug and kudo’s go out to you right now as well. 

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We can see the future from here!

Giraffe Laugh is a local nonprofit that provides early childhood education and nurturing to 170 Treasure Valley children annually by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has two full-time programs that serve children 0-5 years old, a full-time preschool program that serves children 3.5-5 years old, and a summer program that serves children that are of school-age.