February 2024

Welcome to the month of LOVE. While the Idaho Legislature is in session it is up to all of us to let our representatives know how incredibly important the children of Idaho are. Children are Idaho’s greatest resource and investing in our youth is critical to a healthy state and healthy communities. When we, at Giraffe Laugh, say, “We can see the future from here,” we truly mean it. Children are our future and they deserve an opportunity to look forward to a future filled with hope. I want the best for them and I know you do as well.

Please take some time to let our state leaders know how you feel about our kids and their future. The Capitol is yours and the legislators want to hear from YOU. They work for you, and it’s never too late to get involved. There are some bills this session that are all about children and families, so why not make this your year to weigh in? Here is a link that can help get you started.

If you aren’t sure how you feel about a certain subject, learn about it. There are so many resources out there however be sure you fact check what you read. Facebook is not always the best source for

accurate information. Reputable sources include:

Center on the Developing Child: with a really cool video on brain development.

Idaho Kids Count: for statistical data that is local.

National Association for the Education of Young Children: our national association for teachers.

Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children: a great local resource for parents and teachers.

United Way of Treasure Valley: They have great information on A.L.I.C.E. (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households.

Have a happy, wonderful, love filled month and if you dive into issues and learn something new, please share it with us! We want to hear what you think and what you’ve learned. Stay tuned in our Did You Know column to see what is happening that you may want to be involved in.

Learn More About Giraffe Laugh!

We can see the future from here!

Giraffe Laugh is a local nonprofit that provides early childhood education and nurturing to 170 Treasure Valley children annually by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has two full-time programs that serve children 0-5 years old, a full-time preschool program that serves children 3.5-5 years old, and a summer program that serves children that are of school-age.