August 2023

When we talk about the important of early childhood, we often think in terms of social determinates that can predict the path a child’s development and future success will take. Children that have abundant food, adequate shelter, and financial stability within their family often have strong determinants. They typically have access to quality childcare and education. They have premium healthcare and are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities.

For low to moderate income families, and often those living in ALICE (Asset limited, income constrained, employed) households, their access to food, shelter, quality childcare, and healthcare can be limited. This can mean the difference in not only academic success but overall lifetime health.

Our aim at Giraffe Laugh partners with the belief that every child is worthy of a wonderful life regardless of their economic circumstances. Every family deserves factors that strengthen their lives in our community, and every community deserves happy, healthy and thriving families. With that in mind, our goal is to continue to expand opportunities for children.

We are very excited to announce we will soon be breaking ground on a new childcare and preschool on the corner of Franklin and Orchard at The Franklin housing complex. Our building, licensed for 80 new children, will be in the parking lot of the affordable housing complex so that some of the 210 families living there may access our program.

In Idaho only half of all children entering school are prepared. If a child does not have access to quality care early on, their readiness rate drops to only 25%. Giraffe Laugh’ s goal is to move that dial and ensure children are more than prepared for their future academic careers.

Without the support of many important partners this would not be possible. It is our joy to be able to launch this opportunity for families and children, but also to have an even bigger impact on outcomes as they enter kindergarten next year and the years after. We appreciate all of you that made this a reality and for the realities you create for all of our children in all of our programs.

We are almost to our goal and it is never too late to be a part of our Building Stronger Futures Campaign. Please join us if you have not yet, and be a part of changing our community in meaningful ways. You may also get a glimpse of the new building here!

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Giraffe Laugh is a local nonprofit that provides early childhood education and nurturing to 170 Treasure Valley children annually by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has two full-time programs that serve children 0-5 years old, a full-time preschool program that serves children 3.5-5 years old, and a summer program that serves children that are of school-age.