May 2020

May is my favorite time of the year because we celebrate mothers and motherhood. You might be the mom that is going to work every day to support her family at an essential job. You might be the mom who is holding a newborn, wondering what the future holds for our earth and communities. You may be the mother juggling work while trying to take time to teach children from home, prepare meals and manage the natural mess that children create. You may also be that mom who has grown children that she hasn’t seen in many weeks due to a global pandemic. You may be the unemployed mom, wondering how to pay your bills. You may not be a mom, but you’re seeing your friends and their real struggle with parenthood under our current circumstances. 

Whatever type of mom you are today, our hope for you is that every day brings you joy and wonder at the beauty involved with motherhood. Yes, there are those not-so-beautiful moments too, but for this day, I hope for you, only the good stuff. 

We are all stretched right now in so many ways. The acts of love that our planet’s citizens are demonstrating by staying home to keep everyone healthy, is incredible and inspiring. As we take care of each other and Mother Earth, we are displaying the greatest sacrifice, not unlike that of our mothers. 

As you celebrate your own mother and perhaps your own motherhood, I pray you only see hope on the horizon this month. I pray you only see goodness in people, even when we disagree on what the future holds. I pray that on your special day…or your mom’s special day, that you have moments you’ve never had with her or your children that will live long in your memory. Be it on Zoom, distancing in your back yard or, if you’re really lucky, in person, have a very special Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

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