May 2024

As a mother of three May is one of my favorite months. We don’t just celebrate Mother’s Day at my house, but also my birthday and wedding anniversary. It’s one of the rare times that all eyes are on me; the daughter, the wife, the mom. We women tend to shift attention away from ourselves to concentrate on our kids, our jobs, our families, our friends and our volunteer work. How lovely is it to discover how treasured we are in the world? How lovely to recall all that being a wife and mother means.

I recall a time that I was frustrated I had to rock the baby to sleep and now they aren’t even in the same house to hug.

I recall a time when I didn’t want to feed hungry people, and now I invite them to come over and look forward to feeding them.

I recall a time that I just wished the house was quiet and I could watch my show in peace. Now I record shows so we can watch them together.

I recall wishing I didn’t have to watch another Disney movie, and now my husband and I attend them together with no kids in tow.

I recall a time that I just wanted one minute in the bathroom alone and now that always happens and I kind of like that.

I recall a time I hated changing diapers and tying shoes and zipping zippers and finding mittens and yanking on boots and hollering, “It’s time to go!” Now I only do those things for me and it’s so simple and fast and how did I ever do all of that?

I recall a time that I just wanted to snuggle with them a little longer and they squirmed out of my arms to run and play or explore the world.

I recall a time I was so proud of them and wanted to yell to the world, “That kid is mine.” I still do that thankfully.

I recall a time that I held them close and whispered all of my dreams for them, and now so many of those dreams have come true.

I recall a time I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have grown children and seeing that we’d done a good job. Now I can see that every day and it feels amazing.

I hope that your Mother’s day is blessed and full of whatever makes it special. I hope you recall that none of it lasts forever but as it changes, it’s still good, it’s still motherhood and it’s still important. Enjoy!

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