November 2023

Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it comes the joy of the holidays and the promises they bring. For most of us, we approach this time of year with anticipation and images of our family gathering at the table

with an abundance of food and fun.

For some families though, the reality is there isn’t enough of either food or fun. The worry of wondering where the next meal will come from, especially for an occasion like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or

Christmas weighs heavily on those who don’t have enough. With this in mind, Giraffe Laugh offers families a special holiday basket, once in November and once in December to take this concern away and make the holidays brighter.

If you’d like to be a part of the solution and join in brightening the lives of children and families in our community, please click on November to help for Thanksgiving and in December to help with Hanukah or Christmas.

We are grateful this month for our upcoming event, the Futures Begin Here Luncheon on November 2nd from 12-1 PM at the Riverside Hotel. This is the final call to attend our Futures Begin Here Luncheon to learn more about the past year of successes (thanks to many of you), while learning more about our future plans; spoiler alert, they are BIG! Please sign up soon as all seats are assigned and we are almost completely full. There is no cost to attend and it is one hour of stories of our mission and the impact on children and families we collectively make in our community.

We are grateful to our amazing teachers and staff who make the magic happen for children and families. Without them, our programs do not exist. We owe them our deepest gratitude. Remember to thank a teacher today!

Happy holidays to all of you! Know we are grateful and thankful that you are in our lives and part of the work we do at Giraffe Laugh to ensure school readiness, empower families and build strong futures. 

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Giraffe Laugh is a local nonprofit that provides early childhood education and nurturing to 170 Treasure Valley children annually by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has two full-time programs that serve children 0-5 years old, a full-time preschool program that serves children 3.5-5 years old, and a summer program that serves children that are of school-age.