Keli Clark

April Volunteer of the Month

My name is Keli Clark and I am a senior at Timberline High School. I am currently studying Elementary Education and plan to start my teaching career at the Kindergarten level. I started volunteering at Giraffe Laugh earlier this year and am now an ambassador. I have always wanted to get involved in my community but never fell in love with anything the way I did with Giraffe Laugh. Their mission resonates with me as a future educator and having the opportunity to see how I can change lives for children in the future is incredibly valuable. I have also seen first-hand how Giraffe Laugh has made a difference in the life of one of my closest friends. I can only hope to make a difference as big as Giraffe Laugh does in the lives of children.

At the Little Shoes Big Dreams tours, each month I read a story written by a teen mom whose life changed because of Giraffe Laugh. Reading her letter at each tour has made her story a part of my story. Because she was loved, educated, empowered, and prepared for her baby by the Giraffe Laugh staff (and their partners at the Salvation Army), she confidently held her baby when it was born without the fears she had felt before. I am inspired to be a better educator, caregiver, and parent someday because of Giraffe Laugh.

I have worked in childcare and have seen the difference in the level of care provided. Giraffe Laugh works with each individual child to help them learn and grow and to develop important skills which will influence the rest of their lives. Giraffe Laugh is passionate about helping all children, especially children whose families cannot afford quality care. They dedicate their time to helping families regardless of their situation. They are giving these children the love and tools to build amazing futures during the most important developmental years in their lives. I am passionate about Giraffe Laugh because Giraffe Laugh is exactly what this world needs. They are the example of what I strive for in my own future.

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We envision every child in the Treasure Valley having access to quality early childhood education. All parents should be empowered and supported throughout the early years of parenthood. We know by providing opportunities for empowerment and support through our work, we are helping to build strong futures every day.
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Giraffe Laugh is a local nonprofit that provides early childhood education and nurturing to 170 Treasure Valley children annually by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures.

Giraffe Laugh has two full-time programs that serve children 0-5 years old, a full-time preschool program that serves children 3.5-5 years old, and a summer program that serves children that are of school-age.