Early Education


Giraffe Laugh provides high-quality education for children 6 weeks through the third grade.

We envision educational justice where every child has an enriched environment to thrive.

We can see the future from here!


Early Childhood is the most important time in a human’s life. All children deserve an enriched environment to thrive at home and away from home to build strong futures in our community.

As a local non-profit, Giraffe Laugh believes that every child deserves an enriched childhood and access to quality programs that strengthen and empower each family while ensuring school readiness. In Idaho, almost half of all children enter kindergarten unprepared. We can predict, with alarming accuracy, who will drop out of school based on kindergarten readiness. Our work of ensuring school readiness is geared at preparing children for kindergarten and the world beyond.

Steps to ensuring school readiness:

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Parents and guardians are the most important adult in a child’s life and their first teacher. When we enroll a child, we enroll a family. Parenting is not easy and when adults in a family feel connected, supported and have information on their journey, they are empowered and the entire family is strengthened.

Steps to empowering families:


Building strong futures is what happens every day in the work we are fortunate to be a part of. Extra-curricular activities, nutritional support, and access to quality food coupled with our other focus areas result in futures that start strong. When a child starts school ahead, they finish school ahead and are more likely to go on. When a family is supported through difficult times, they are successful and happily functioning in our community.

Steps to building strong futures: