Parent Education

Giraffe Laugh provides high-quality education for children 6 weeks through the third grade.

We envision educational justice where every child has an enriched environment to thrive.

Parents and guardians are the most important adult in a child’s life and their first teacher. When we enroll a child, we enroll a family. Parenting is not easy and when adults in a family feel connected, supported and have information on their journey, they are empowered and the entire family is strengthened.

Steps to empowering families:

  • Giraffe Laugh holds annual parent & teacher conferences in the fall to talk about the development of their child(ren). Even infants are screened for developmental milestones. Conferences are a wonderful way to learn about early childhood development and what is “typical” but also a means to partner with parents in creating goals for each child.
  • Giraffe Laugh works with other organizations to provide parenting information and classes through our monthly newsletter but also classes or workshops that are held throughout the year.
  • Families are asked to contribute 20 hours of volunteer time each year. When adults in a child’s life are involved in their school they actually perform better and the family feels more welcome and empowered.